Terms & Conditions - GDPR policy

Please, read the following information carefully about the services you are about to take part in.

We would like to draw to your attention that our service is a well-intentioned, supplimentary support service for students studying only in our partner institutions. Our goal is to help you to meet such fellow students who study in the same course/subject or undergo the same preparation for a given exam. All the information you may share with us will not be given out to third party. Some limited information you approve of (necessary to establish contacts with fellow group memembes) such as your contact information will only be sent to appointed group leaders once we gained your personal approval in e-mail. All data including your profile information (survey info) will be stored only for 6 months (for a semester) after which it will be automatically deleted.

GDPR concerns
When submitting your request (by filling in the survey questionare) your profile data is transfered into a database, where we match your search parameters with others'. Once there is a match, we will share our findings with you in e-mail and ask your permission directly whether you wish to take part in the suggested group or study formation as discribed above. If a match or lead proves to be a dead end for you for whatever reason (for example: not feeling comforatabe in that group, or group sessions end early, or meetings schedules change etc.) please, let us know, so can we assist you to find the formation that suits more your needs, which may naturally change overtime.

We would also underline and emphasise that our service is stictly academically geared. Its specific aim is to enhance subject related performance while providing professional group-study experience. At any time you can request to have your personal data to be deleted, if so, please send us an e-mail to hs@human-service.hu with such request and all information you may have shared can be deleted within 24 hours.

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