Learning techniques & strategies in medical school - elective course

The course is designed for 1st year veterinary school student with little or no background in study methods and learning skills.

International students at Univet self-report high levels of stress not having appropriate studying tools to adequately prepare them for synthesizing large quantities of academic materials in short periods of times. An inhouse mental health survey conducted in 2014 fall reviled 79% of students struggle with academics potentially leading to mental and emotional problems throughout their studies.

Current "1 credit" study course aims to provide both specific theoretical and practical skills to cope with studying alone and also in group format in the following areas: information-processing, monitoring progress, self-assessment, deeper understanding self-disciplining, prevention of academic burn-out through proper self-care techniques and time-management sensitive to individual needs.

Because we are individually wired differently (in regard to information processing) affecting the preferred styles of learning the course offers deeper assessment of these personal preferences via online testing fostering self-knowledge. Take a look at the course syllabus for fall term.

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