More about Univet study groups

Students in medical school often feel overwhelmed by the excessive amount of factual knowledge they are obliged to learn. Although a large body of research on effective learning methods is published, scientifically based learning strategies are not a standard part of the curriculum in medical school. Read on.

Student Support & Counseling Office offers its students two types of group formations. The first one we call course-follow-up-group (C-FUG) where you meet fellow students who study the same course, but want to increase efficiency to consolidate and recall knowledge as the course progresses. The second type we call exam-prep-group (EPG) where group members come together to adequately prepare for a specific exam (oral or written) in a specific subject.

Based on your own search-parameters, and needs - we can help you to find a suitable format. Please, plan ahead as finding the right group may take a few weeks. Keep also in mind, studying in group comes with responsibilities, and roles e.g.: arriving to sessions adequately prepared, being punctual or agreeing to follow group-norms etc.

But don't worry, in addition to helping you find/establish a group, we will also provide you with lots of resources on how to maximalize your group effectivness and experience once you join!

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